“The Hedge” Buddina Secant Piling

RDG Construction Pty Ltd were appointed to construct The Hedge at Buddina. On this highly sought after location close to the beach, surf club, shops, university and healthcare ASP Piling installed a secant pile wall. The development planned for commercial use on the lower level with wine bars, cafes, restaurants and specialty stores. The residential apartments are in one, two and three bedroom configurations on the five levels above. This includes 92 apartments and five additional penthouses. Construction is expected to be completed mid 2019.

ASP Piling was engaged to retain the site where basement excavations will extend from 2.9 and 3.3 metres below ground level, with additional lift pits internally. A single level basement car park was being constructed underneath the two six storey residential apartment buildings.

The Bauer RTG piling rig was used, along with the Kubota excavator, a Franna crane, EWP, compressors and concrete pumps to install approximately 235 lineal metres of secant piling for the basement retention walls. The secant option was used as the neighbouring buildings were close to the property boundary and to allow the excavation depth of approximately 3 metres varying according to site and design requirements.

An internal spear dewatering system was installed throughout the basement construction process as groundwater inflow levels had previously been detected from a depth of just over 1 metre. A groundwater pH buffering treatment system, sedimentation tank and a pioneer heavy metals reduction unit were used onsite to balance the pH, reduce the turbidity and high presence of iron in the water prior to discharge from the site. All tanks were operational prior to the commencement of dewatering from the site to ensure the measured discharge is meets or exceeds the required water quality standards. For the dewatering management on “The Hedge”, the initial dewatering discharge is directed back within the site to allow the initial clarification of the extracted groundwater. The samples of treated groundwater were analysed to ensure measured parameters are met before discharging from site.

As is standard practice, a Dewatering Management Plan was put in place prior to commencement of dewatering for environmental and quality control.

'Ocean' Surfers Paradise

“Ocean” Surfers Paradise

Ocean is one of the newest developments by Meriton on the beachfront at the Gold Coast. The site used to house the 22 storey International Beach Hotel built in the 1960’s. With the Gold Coast market still strong, the Australian building giant has started the development of its first truly beachfront block. ASP Piling has the privilege of installing secant piling, anchors and ADS the dewatering for the site.

This 74 storey development will encompass residential apartments, a five star hotel and retail precinct. There will be a recreation area on the top floor including a pool and barbeque area.

Mainland Civil have contracted ASP Piling for the retention and in-ground works on the site for the three level basement. Using a combination of secant piling, sheet piling and anchoring for almost 400 lineal metres of shoring. The piling includes the core lift pits and temporary sheet piling, as well as shot-crete finishing for some sections. Using a partial top down construction process allowed for a section of the site to be propped without anchoring as can be seen in the photographs.

ASP has also completed the removal of the existing foundation piles from the previous building, The International Hotel which occupied the site. On a number of occasions, ASP Piling have been required to remove pre-existing foundation piles from the site prior to commencement of a new project. In doing so we have developed our own equipment to assist in the removal process, giving our clients additional services that we can provide on-site.

The dewatering  will be undertaken by Australian Dewatering Systems. Being so close to the ocean, this property requires a combination of specifically tailored dewatering techniques providing de-watering to the required depth, including the cores and lift pits. Given the duration and depth of the excavation, our monitoring system will be used to ensure the system keeps the site dry throughout construction. A dewatering management plan and compliance monitoring are part of the services provided.


Piling Rigs at Work – Mercato

Piling Rigs at Work – Mercato

Mercato in Byron Bay was an ideal site to show our piling rigs in action as we were installing both sheet piling and secant piles at the same time. Further details about the project can be found by clicking here.

Our Soilmec SR-40 hydraulic rotary rig was used to install the CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles for the external retaining walls. It is ideal for use where there was a building in close proximity to the boundary where the basement wall was being installed. The CFA method does not produce shocks, vibrations or noise, meaning this rig is specifically designed to work close to buildings and in tight parameters. The CFA piles are installed by partial soil removal in the drilling process using a specifically designed auger assembled on a central hollow pipe. On completion of the boring process, grout is poured through the internal hollow pipe as the auger is extracted. A reinforcing cage is then installed while the grout is still wet.

For the installation of our sheet piles at Mercato we used our Bauer RTG RG20T piling rig. The ground is predrilled in this case to ensure the sheets can be driven to the required depths. The RTG rig is then used to lift the sheet pile and drive the sheet to the required depth using vibration. ASP Piling’s patented interlocking system then ensures the sheets lock together in the installation process not only giving strength to the system but helping to seal the site. In conjunction with a dewatering system it means the site can remain completely dry throughout the bulk excavation and basement construction process. The piles used in the video were approximately 10 metres in length. ASP Piling’s sheets can range through to deeper excavations to 20 metres when using a heavier gauge of sheet piles.

As can be seen in this video there are a number of other, smaller vehicles used on site to assist in the process including our excavators, generators and tooling for the rigs. Additional equipment used on the site included the SF-65 rig which was used to install the foundation CFA piles on the site and the anchoring rig. Australian Dewatering Systems have also been used on this site for the installation of a spear system. A generator, fuel cell and our environmental equipment, a dewatering management plan and compliance monitoring were all part of the services provided. In keeping with the environmental philosophy behind the Mercato project, ADS has installed a pH, Iron and Sed tanks to ensure that all water discharged from site met or exceeded environmental and council standards for the duration of dewatering.

Lord Sheffield Court, Penrith

Lord Sheffield Court, Penrith

The Thornton project originally covered a 40-hectare site next to the existing Penrith city centre and train station. The overall concept was to develop a diverse housing development with high density units and apartment complexes close to the retail and transportation hub with further housing and community centres further from the centre.

With many of the housing, infrastructure and open space works nearly completed, the mixed use and high-density areas are well under way with a number of projects completed or nearing completion. Further developments are starting now with works projected to continue through to the estimated completion date of 2020.

ASP Piling has been involved in the growth since January 2016 where the first project was started for Moits on Lord Sheffield Circuit. From then we have completed a combination of sheet piling, anchoring and bracing on five different sites in the high density and mixed-use areas of the development. The high density unit complexes ASP Piling has been involved in include construction companies Moits, Dasco and Urban Apartments. The sites have all required perimeter wall sheet piling as well as lift shaft and core retention. A total of over 1200 lineal metres of sheet piles and associated anchoring and bracing have been installed to date. Our patented cantilevered interlocking sheet pile profiles have varied site to site based on client, engineering and site requirements. Piling depths have varied from 5 metres to 8 metres across the sites again depending on individual project basement and lift core requirements.

Our most recent project for Urban Apartments includes the installation of over 200 lineal metres of 8-metre long interlocking sheet piles. ASP Piling was contracted to design and install the piles using a specifically designed anchoring and bracing system around the perimeter of the site. This included a canal frontage and gives the construction team a maximised footprint to work in with minimal obstructions encroaching on the site.

Australian Dewatering Systems installed an internal spear system and pumps around the perimeter and crane base pits for the dewatering of the site. ADS developed a Dewatering Management Plan (DMP) in conjunction with environmental consultants. A pH filtration and a sedimentation tank was needed with weekly compliance monitoring continuing to ensure all discharge water meets environmental guidelines throughout the build.

‘One’ Palm Beach

‘One’ Palm Beach

‘One’ Palm Beach‘One’ Palm Beach is an absolute beachfront site that is being developed by 5Point Projects on the Gold Coast. The unit development is designed with 17 apartments over 9-storey’s including the top floor being used exclusively for a penthouse. The design takes in panoramic views of the beach and hinterland with environmentally conscious construction including solar generation and storage.

5Point Projects contracted ASP Piling for the perimeter shoring and foundation piling as well as Australian Dewatering Systems for the dewatering on their project ‘One’ in Palm Beach.

The Foundation Piles were installed with our Soilmec SR40 rig. Contiguous Flight Auger piles were used with pile diameters varying between 600mm and 800mm according to client, engineering design specifications, and site-specific requirements with the corresponding steel reinforcing cages ensuring the structural viability. All tooling, grout pumps, mini-excavators, compressors and miscellaneous equipment was mobilised and provided by ASP Piling.

The sheet piling‘One’ Palm Beach component of the project required ASP Piling to undertake the engineering, mobilisation and predrilling followed by the installation of the sheet piles. A combination of bracing and anchoring was used as required by site constraints and client design specifications. The sheet piling system gave 5Point projects the flexibility and cost effectiveness whilst maximising the site available to use throughout construction.

Australian Dewatering Systems installed an internal spear system and pumps for the dewatering of the site. With onsite water testing and bore log information we developed a Dewatering Management Plan (DMP) in conjunction with environmental consultants. A pH filtration and a sedimentation tank was needed according to the site-specific DMP to ensure the quality of the discharge water. Weekly compliance monitoring continues, ensuring all discharge water meets environmental guidelines throughout the build. Our systems are equipped with remote alarm systems which SMS and email our service technicians 24 hours a day.

Dryandra Road Underpass Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport expansionThe next phase of the Brisbane Airport expansion is the construction of a reinforced concrete 4 lane underpass at Dryandra Road. The underpass allows vehicles to travel under the taxiways connecting the new runway to the existing Domestic and International terminals and runway systems. Dryandra Road will be realigned as part of the process and is due for completion in August 2018.

Brisbane Airport Corporation awarded the $120 million Dryandra Road Words contract to McConnell Dowell for this crucial infrastructure component on the new runway project. An estimated 700 precast concrete piles will be used, including 1.5 kilometres of roadway and portions of taxiway and airfield on top of the underpass structure.

McConnell Dowell contracted ASP Piling for the installation of sheet piles for the underpass. As stated by McConnell Dowell, the use of sheet piling will allow time savings due to reduced excavation, better construction access and stability. The largely sand site also meant that the use of sheet piling would be a stronger and more financially viable option when used in conjunction with the precast concrete piles.

Brisbane Airport expansionASP is contracted to install temporary retention walls for the main eastern and western shoring walls, the storm water pump station and the internal culvert. We mobilised sheet pile and drilling rigs and materials to site including over 1200 lineal metres of sheets ranging in lengths from 5 to over 10 metres. The size and profile of the sheets varied across the site based on client and engineering requirements including depth of the underpass.

ASP Piling set-out alignment of the sheet pile wall according to client and engineering specifications, pre-drilled and installed the sheet piles, and completed the excavation around sheets. The installation of temporary anchors to ensure the stability of the sheets throughout the construction of the underpass, including stressing the anchors to specified load parameters and de-stressing anchors when required will all be undertaken by ASP Piling’s highly skilled piling and anchoring staff.

Brisbane Airport expansion


January – June 2017 Snapshot

Back in Papua New Guinea – APEC Haus

ASP Piling is proud to be involved in the construction of APEC Haus in Papua New Guinea. Being touted as Port Morseby’s version of the Sydney Opera House, the landmark building will be used for the world leaders’ summit in November next year. It will subsequently become a national museum.

ASP’s capabilities have again been invaluable in PNG where the local construction companies have been unable to provide the services required. Construction has now commenced and most of the piling works are already completed for the building, with its unique design in the shape of a Lakatoi sail.

Working with CPB Contractors, ASP is set to wrap up the piling in a short turnaround to help ensure the project can be completed on time. General Manager Brad Allen met with CPB Contractors project engineer, Denmark Gimiseve (pictured), to liaise and get construction underway. Using 750mm diameter, 24 metre deep piles we also conducted dynamic and static pile load testing to confirm structural and geotechnical integrity of the piles built on the reclaimed land.


 Uptown Gungahlin

After a successful partnership working on Azure in Kingston, Construction Control has again contracted with ASP on their new project Uptown in Gungahlin. The eight storey Glav Corp development will contain 138 apartments once completed and are already almost sold out.

ASP has completed the anchored soldier pile and shotcrete retention wall, with 95 soldier piles and associated anchors, completed with the infill shotcrete panels giving a total of approximately 240 lineal metres of retaining wall. 

  Novatel South Brisbane

Kinstone Developments has engaged Hutchinson builders for the new Novotel development located at 38 Cordelia Street in Southbank, Brisbane. The 238 room development includes direct pedestrian access connecting the Novotel to Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The hotel is expected to be completed and open its doors in 2018.

ASP and Hutchinson builders are currently working together on a number of projects, with the Novotel development requiring a combination of solutions including foundation piling, secant piling, and a soldier pile wall, totalling almost 500 piles on the site.

SR40 Back in Australia

Kwajalein Completion

Nine months after leaving our shores, the SR40 has landed safely back in Brisbane. Some 4300kms by sea, Kwajalein Island has been the base for our foundation works with General Dynamics Mission Systems.

The logistics of travel for staff was challenging, while transporting the rig and all tools and materials required to undertake foundation piling works was an achievement in itself.

Our thanks to the staff for the time away from home and families, while finding ways to deal with logistical issues related to isolated regions and continuing to work hard. Our thanks also to International Logistics for their assistance with transportation and coordination.

The resourcefulness and work ethic of staff was displayed time and again throughout the months. For example, due to supply issues and daytime temperatures reaching 48 degrees, some of the work had to be undertaken at night operating under lights.









December Newsletter 2016


Qube is a 40 storey tower in the heart of Broadbeach providing a retail plaza as well as recreational amenities and 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from the 5th floor. ASP Piling has been engaged by Mainland Civil to pile, anchor and dewater the Morris Property Group site.

Qube requires 180 lineal metres of sheet piling for the perimeter wall as well as an additional 100 lineal metres for the cores and lift shaft. The deepest section of the site requires heavy guage sheets to shore to a depth of 14 metres with an amalgamation of approximately 350 anchors and an additional bracing system implemented.

Australian Dewatering Systems is contracted with groundwater removal in this project by using a combination of deep well and spear point systems.


Avantra is a ground breaking project developed by Longton Property Group. The 310 apartment development will be a complex of four multilevel buildings that brings to the fore ecological principles, including solar access, natural light, cross ventilation, thermal mass, shading, privacy and generosity of space. ‘Street in the Sky’ duplicates the benefits of living in a traditional city street and reassembling its elements vertically.

Located in one of Sydney’s most convenient and soughtafter suburbs, this Mascot development has Mainland Civil with the early works contract. ASP Piling is working alongside Mainland to supply and install 350 lineal metres of sheet piles and associated anchoring. Australian Dewatering Systems is undertaking site dewatering with nine deep wells and an internal spear point system installed.


2016 has been a challenging and rewarding year. It has seen expansion and growth as a company as well as individuals. We have successfully completed numerous projects and many others are well on their way to completion, including residential and mixed developments such as Jewel, Festival Place Newstead, Taylors Walk Botany, Waterpoint Biggera Waters, Ruby, Qube, Boardwalk, Spirit, Harper on Hamilton, Avantra and Mode. Additionaly we are involved in a variety of works in Kingstone, Warringah, Dee Why, Pinkenba, Erskinville, Penrith, Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Brisbane and continuing works in the Marshall Islands.

Give the ASP Piling team a call today for more information about our piling capabilities or visit www.ausheet.com.au

Please click on the video link for the 2016 Highlights



Thank you to everyone who has worked with us and supported us this year.

We are wishing you all a very happy Christmas time spent with family and friends. May the new year be a prosperous and fulfilling one!

Thank you for your continued support and partnership, we look forward to working with you in the years to come.



Throughout the years many partnerships are formed while others continue to go from strength to strength. ASP is very proud of our association with the Kirra Surf Club and are delighted to share their recent success in the Netherlands at the World Life Saving Titles.

Congratulations to the Kirra Surf Life Saving Club IRB team on becoming World Champions! It is great to see such success with all the hard work and efforts put in by the club to training the nippers and keeping our beaches safe.


Patrick and his family would personally like to give a big thanks for the sponsors who have come on board to support Alice and Paddy with their gokarting in 2017.

There have been many successes throughout this year, and we look forward to a challenging and fulfilling year ahead for the kids!

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October Newsletter 2016

Boardwalk Burleigh Beach

Boardwalk Burleigh Beach is another project by the Morris Property Group to add to their porfolio of Gold Coast properties and is a 20 storey development.

Working with Mainland Civil, ASP Piling serviced the project with sheet and secant pile shoring, anchoring, while ADS undertook the site dewatering.

Displayed below is a video showing the excellent location of the development.

It also shows some of our fleet that worked on the project, including the Bauer 20S rig, Liebherr LB28 rig and the Soilmec SF65 rig.

Above picture depicts the site after the first excavation phase.

More International Works Space Fence

On the back of our recent works in Papua New Guinea, ASP Piling secured the contract for the Space Fence Project being carried out in the Marshall Islands.

Situated on a US Military base in the Kwajalein Atoll 2400 Nautical Miles from Brisbane, the remote location created a number of logistical challenges inlcuding the delivery of the piling rig, excavator and concrete pump along with the rest of our equipment.

The fabrication of the reinforcing cages took place on the island, along with the formand- pour pad foundations and the installation of founding piles to support the Space Fence.

Successful planning and implementation of works in such remote and foreign locations has added to our experience and knowledge base to ensure all ASP Piling’s customers receive the highest level of skills, service and experience on their project.

ASP’s Crane Rebuilt

Our most recent machinery upgrade has seen our 1982 Grove RT522 Rough Terrain Crane rebuilt in ASP’s workshop.

ASP’s workshop team together with the highly qualified engineers at Walsh’s Engineering Solutions ensured all upgrades were to the highest standards.

A complete rebuild and strengthening of the boom, the bodywork and engine rebuild, along with the preparing and repainting at ASP’s workshop has resulted in the crane looking and operating like new.

Our resident crane operator Colin Maslen (right), with a lifetime of experience operating cranes is very happy to be using the completely refurbished Grove. Thanks Col.

ASP Complete Shoring At Festival Place

Cavcorp’s new residential development in the Gasworks Precinct in Newstead, Brisbane is starting to take shape. This multi-storey development being built by Torre Developments will contain a mixture of retail and residential tenancies.

Our experience, commitment to quality and demonstrated ability to overcome all manner of challenges has ensured the quality of the shoring on this project.

ASP Piling used a combination of 100 lineal metres of sheet piles and 169 lineal metres of secant piles for the ground retention, ensuring that there was seamless flow between the different forms. We also installed 129 CFA foundation piles.

Give the ASP Piling team a call today for more information about our piling capabilities or visit our services page.