‘One’ Palm Beach

‘One’ Palm Beach

‘One’ Palm Beach‘One’ Palm Beach is an absolute beachfront site that is being developed by 5Point Projects on the Gold Coast. The unit development is designed with 17 apartments over 9-storey’s including the top floor being used exclusively for a penthouse. The design takes in panoramic views of the beach and hinterland with environmentally conscious construction including solar generation and storage.

5Point Projects contracted ASP Piling for the perimeter shoring and foundation piling as well as Australian Dewatering Systems for the dewatering on their project ‘One’ in Palm Beach.

The Foundation Piles were installed with our Soilmec SR40 rig. Contiguous Flight Auger piles were used with pile diameters varying between 600mm and 800mm according to client, engineering design specifications, and site-specific requirements with the corresponding steel reinforcing cages ensuring the structural viability. All tooling, grout pumps, mini-excavators, compressors and miscellaneous equipment was mobilised and provided by ASP Piling.

The sheet piling‘One’ Palm Beach component of the project required ASP Piling to undertake the engineering, mobilisation and predrilling followed by the installation of the sheet piles. A combination of bracing and anchoring was used as required by site constraints and client design specifications. The sheet piling system gave 5Point projects the flexibility and cost effectiveness whilst maximising the site available to use throughout construction.

Australian Dewatering Systems installed an internal spear system and pumps for the dewatering of the site. With onsite water testing and bore log information we developed a Dewatering Management Plan (DMP) in conjunction with environmental consultants. A pH filtration and a sedimentation tank was needed according to the site-specific DMP to ensure the quality of the discharge water. Weekly compliance monitoring continues, ensuring all discharge water meets environmental guidelines throughout the build. Our systems are equipped with remote alarm systems which SMS and email our service technicians 24 hours a day.

Dryandra Road Underpass Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport expansionThe next phase of the Brisbane Airport expansion is the construction of a reinforced concrete 4 lane underpass at Dryandra Road. The underpass allows vehicles to travel under the taxiways connecting the new runway to the existing Domestic and International terminals and runway systems. Dryandra Road will be realigned as part of the process and is due for completion in August 2018.

Brisbane Airport Corporation awarded the $120 million Dryandra Road Words contract to McConnell Dowell for this crucial infrastructure component on the new runway project. An estimated 700 precast concrete piles will be used, including 1.5 kilometres of roadway and portions of taxiway and airfield on top of the underpass structure.

McConnell Dowell contracted ASP Piling for the installation of sheet piles for the underpass. As stated by McConnell Dowell, the use of sheet piling will allow time savings due to reduced excavation, better construction access and stability. The largely sand site also meant that the use of sheet piling would be a stronger and more financially viable option when used in conjunction with the precast concrete piles.

Brisbane Airport expansionASP is contracted to install temporary retention walls for the main eastern and western shoring walls, the storm water pump station and the internal culvert. We mobilised sheet pile and drilling rigs and materials to site including over 1200 lineal metres of sheets ranging in lengths from 5 to over 10 metres. The size and profile of the sheets varied across the site based on client and engineering requirements including depth of the underpass.

ASP Piling set-out alignment of the sheet pile wall according to client and engineering specifications, pre-drilled and installed the sheet piles, and completed the excavation around sheets. The installation of temporary anchors to ensure the stability of the sheets throughout the construction of the underpass, including stressing the anchors to specified load parameters and de-stressing anchors when required will all be undertaken by ASP Piling’s highly skilled piling and anchoring staff.

Brisbane Airport expansion