Sheet Piling

Exceptional structural integrity, combined with flexible deployment and low cost makes the ASP sheet piling system the first choice of major Australian construction firms. The low profile and compact plant required to vibrate the plates into position makes the ASP system ideal for small and large sites alike.

Made from high quality steel to ASP’s specific manufacturing requirements, our light gauge sheet pile has become a popular choice for developers looking to make the most efficient use of their development site.

Precision-extruded vinyl sheet piles are also available for sensitive marine applications.


Depending on site conditions and the construction project, builders have a choice of using overlapping or interlocking sheet piling systems.

The sections are designed to be flexible for a variety of applications including cantilevered to support the excavation or restrained through the use of exclusively designed and developed ground anchor systems.

No matter which method is used, each pile provides a strong, rigid wall with certain profiles able to be driven to a depth of eight metres with our light gauge sheet piles. Heavier grade steel piles are provided for deeper excavations to 20 metres, as the imposed loads would be greater.

ASP distinguishes its interlocking sheet pile from its competitors by using a distinctive profile that is unique to ASP. If the sheet pile does not have our unique and distinctive shape, then it’s not ASP and you have an inferior product. Look for the ASP design (shown above) to be assured of strength, quality and value for money!


Flexibility: A range of profiles, thicknesses and anchoring systems provide the client with a range of options that maximise site usage, while maintaining boundary and surrounding property integrity.

Low Cost: ASP’s exclusive and distinctive interlocking design means the system is less expensive to purchase and install, compared to competing products.

Reduced Ground Disturbance: The compact plant used to install the system means reduced vibration transmitted to neighbouring sites, thereby reducing the risk of damage to neighbouring buildings.

The unique and distinctive shape of the interlocking sheet pile provides an advantage over all other sheet pile products. It is easier to install, uses less materials, is less expensive and looks better too!

ASP Piling also offer the client peace of mind, with an opportunity to use a contiguous grout piling system (CFA) or soil mix wall should the adjoining properties be susceptible to vibratory damage.

The information on this page is available for download as an A4 sized PDF data sheet suitable for printing.