Our Fleet

ASP Piling and Australian Dewatering Systems has a comprehensive fleet of equipment to fulfil any piling, anchoring and dewatering need in the Australian construction industry.

Developers of projects large and small have trusted our ability to deliver since the 1980s.

Our broad fleet and equipment list includes the following and more.


Soilmec Drilling Rig SF 65
  • Soilmec Drilling Rig SF 65 with a range of attachments
  • Bauer RTG RG 20 S with KDK 200K Rotary Table & Vibrator
  • RTG Rammtechnik Rig 16T
  • Klemm Rig KR802-3  and Rotary Drive
  • ABI 12/15 Mobile Ram with a range of attachments
  • ABI Grout CFA Power Pack and Pump
  • ABI Soil Mixing Station by STS plus Soil Mixing Silo
  • Grout CFA Station mixing bowl
  • Assorted Augers
  • Hyundai R290LC-7A Excavator fitted with an extensive range of attachments and equipment
  • 2 x Hyundai R320LC-9 Excavators fitted with an extensive range of attachments and equipment
  • Hitachi ZX270LC-3
  • Caterpillar Excavator
  • Kubota KX161-3SGLA Excavator with Tilt Bucket, GP Bucket, Trench Bucket, Ripper, Post Hole Digger auger drive and Tuko Rock Breaker
  • Yanmar Mini Excavator Model B27 for anchor removal




  • EP Forklift
  • Komatsu 4.5T Forklift

Transport Rigs

  • Kenworth K104
  • Mack Fleetliner Prime Mover
  • McGrath Flat Top Trailer
  • Float Trailer
  • Float Excavator Trailer

Site Vehicles

  • Multiple Nissan Patrols and Navaras in various specifications
  • Multiple Toyota Landcruisers and Hi-Luxes


  • Soilmec Drilling Rig PSM8
  • Range of compressors, Airtrack Anchoring Machines, vibro equipment and attachments for cranes and excavators
  • Multiple Digga Auger Drive Units
  • Grout Mixers
  • Variety of Gernies including 11,000 PSI Aussie Pump Gernie with Special Hammer Attachment


  • Multiple large and small Vacuum Tankers with pumps
  • Broad range of dewatering pumps both diesel and electric
  • Service Station Fuel Flame Proof Pump Sets
  • Secondary Service Station Fuel Flame Proof Pump Set
  • Multiple Large Busch with ASP Design New Vacuum Pump set up Vac Tankers
  • Jetting pumps, submersible pumps and puddle pumps
  • 17 x PH Adjustment Filtration Units
  • 11 x Sedimentation Treatment Units
  • Multiple Silent Generators in a range of configurations

Dewatering Pipework

  • A broad range of hoses and pipework for all dewatering uses.


Our workshop is comprehensive equipped with a wide range of gear including heavy duty presses and crimpers, cutting equipment, welders and lathes.

Tanker Trucks



  • Isuzu NPR Short Truck
  • Hino Chemical Truck
  • Iveco Vac Trailer
  • Sunward 9T
  • Yanmar 5T Vi055
  • SUMITOMO SH135X-3 Excavator 45501C
  • Grove Crane RT760E - 55T

If you have any questions with respect to equipment in our fleet and its suitability for your construction project requirements, please contact us.