Groundwater Treatment in Queensland, NSW, ACT

Effectively treating groundwater on construction sites is a statutory requirement as well as an environmental responsibility. Australian Dewatering Systems helps you exceed requirements and have peace of mind.

Local, state and federal authorities are demanding that any groundwater removed from the water table meets, at the very least, minimum water quality criteria according to the EPA guidelines prior to discharge. ADS exceeds the minimum standards and gives clients security in knowing the job is completed correctly the first time.

The increasing legislative and media focus on the discharging of site groundwater has created a legal requirement to treat the groundwater. No longer can a company ignore their environmental responsibilities. ADS has the solution for filtering and monitoring water discharge for all site locations, both onsite and remotely.

Groundwater Treatment Queensland, NSW, ACT


Suitable to all ground conditions, including acid sulphate, organic and clay, the Groundwater Treatment System is a fully computerised system that is used to manage coagulation, flocculation and PH adjustment.

The groundwater treatment system includes a 24 hour, 7 day a week remote alarm via SMS and email direct to our service technicians. This technology is used in conjunction with the recommendations of the client’s site specific dewatering management plan (DMP), to provide the best work practice.

ADS may produce graphical data quality assurance for submission to the client and regulatory authorities on demand.


Full Compliance: ADS exceeds standards set by state and local authorities in addition to those established by the ANZECC Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems.

Leading Technology: The system is compact and economically priced. ADS prides itself on continually developing its water treatment system and holds Australian and International patents on its current technology.

Convenience: ADS prepares the site dewatering plan in conjunction with a client’s DMP and their appointed environmental consultants.

Technical Background

Australian Dewatering Systems offers groundwater treatment services others cannot:

  • Newly patented technology that meets and exceeds industry requirements for treatment and discharge of water to our waterways.
  • Over 26 years of industry experience in all facets of dewatering.
  • 24 hour / 7 day per week monitoring and adjustment of water being ingressed and egressed
  • Working knowledge and implementation of Dewatering Management Plans through industry environmental consultants as required by the local authorities
  • A system capable of supplying graphical quality assurance for submission to the regulatory authorities
  • A remote alarm via SMS and email to our service technicians 24 hours a day.
  • Water monitoring, sampling and testing.
  • Computer controlled adjustment to coagulation, flocculation and pH levels
  • Graphical data on demand for clientèle
  • Peace of mind

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Australian Dewatering Systems

The information on this page is available for download as an A4 sized PDF data sheet suitable for printing.

One of Australian Dewatering Systems’ fleet of computerised groundwater filtration units for effective groundwater treatment on construction sites.

A typical groundwater treatment set-up featuring pumps, treatment unit and filtration tank.