Piling Rigs at Work – Mercato

Piling Rigs at Work – Mercato

Mercato in Byron Bay was an ideal site to show our piling rigs in action as we were installing both sheet piling and secant piles at the same time. Further details about the project can be found by clicking here.

Our Soilmec SR-40 hydraulic rotary rig was used to install the CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles for the external retaining walls. It is ideal for use where there was a building in close proximity to the boundary where the basement wall was being installed. The CFA method does not produce shocks, vibrations or noise, meaning this rig is specifically designed to work close to buildings and in tight parameters. The CFA piles are installed by partial soil removal in the drilling process using a specifically designed auger assembled on a central hollow pipe. On completion of the boring process, grout is poured through the internal hollow pipe as the auger is extracted. A reinforcing cage is then installed while the grout is still wet.

For the installation of our sheet piles at Mercato we used our Bauer RTG RG20T piling rig. The ground is predrilled in this case to ensure the sheets can be driven to the required depths. The RTG rig is then used to lift the sheet pile and drive the sheet to the required depth using vibration. ASP Piling’s patented interlocking system then ensures the sheets lock together in the installation process not only giving strength to the system but helping to seal the site. In conjunction with a dewatering system it means the site can remain completely dry throughout the bulk excavation and basement construction process. The piles used in the video were approximately 10 metres in length. ASP Piling’s sheets can range through to deeper excavations to 20 metres when using a heavier gauge of sheet piles.

As can be seen in this video there are a number of other, smaller vehicles used on site to assist in the process including our excavators, generators and tooling for the rigs. Additional equipment used on the site included the SF-65 rig which was used to install the foundation CFA piles on the site and the anchoring rig. Australian Dewatering Systems have also been used on this site for the installation of a spear system. A generator, fuel cell and our environmental equipment, a dewatering management plan and compliance monitoring were all part of the services provided. In keeping with the environmental philosophy behind the Mercato project, ADS has installed a pH, Iron and Sed tanks to ensure that all water discharged from site met or exceeded environmental and council standards for the duration of dewatering.

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