January Newsletter 2016


The arrival of 3 new major plant items in early January 2016 will offer our clients a more competitive edge with quality, production and cost effectiveness. A Bauer RTG 20S Sheet Piling / Piling Rig, Soilmec SF-65 CFA Foundation Piling Rig & Klemm KP802-3 Anchoring Rig now call ASP home.

The 3 machines are each unique in the delivery of certain aspects of piling & anchoring and add to the options and capabilities of our current fleet and to the market place.

Contact us today for benefits we can offer you with this new equipment.


Teamed up with Mainland Civil QLD Pty Ltd ASP delivered an early works package to the Wanda Corporation that met project program and clients expectations.

The Project boasts everything about ASP – PILING, ANCHORING DEWATERING with 350 Tonnes of sheet piling, 1000 ground anchors, 380 deep CFA Piles up to 30 meters in length and a dewatering system to deliver a workable environment for the client up to 14 meters below ground level helping excavate 130,000m3 of sand from the site.

The Wanda Corporation and Principal Mainland Civil were a pleasure to work with on this landmark Gold Coast project.


The ASP Foundation Piling Company, has won a prestigious contract in Lae, Papua New Guinea. The project is called the Central Distribution Facility and the final facility will provide a storage capacity for the Bank of PNG in the north of the country.

With the dangers and limitations of road and air travel in PNG the creation of secure regional facilities for the storage of cash and other valuables is vital for the expanding country. Two more facilities are planned in the near future and ASP is keen for the trifecta!

Our part of the project is the construction of a secant pile wall to the 270 metre perimeter. The excavation is 6 metres deep.

ASP is contracting to a local company – L&A Constructions. L&A are contracting to the head client – The Bank of PNG.

ASP has formed a strategic alliance with L&A for this project and hopefully for more PNG contracts. The project calls for our new SR40 Soilmec Rig to be temporarily transported to the country. Later in the project our PSM8 Soilmec drill rig will also be transported to install ground anchors for the wall support. 6 ASP employees are expected to be sent to provide specialist knowledge and management for the project.

PNG is a young vital country with an abundance of natural riches however the challenging geography of the country has restrained its growth. As modern communication and transport services are introduced, the country is sure to grow rapidly. ASP is taking this opportunity to be involved with the growth surge by exercising our specific foundation and geotechnical skills.