ASP Piling Adds $1.2M Bauer Rig To Fleet

ASP Piling has just signed the contract on a new $1.2 million Bauer RTG-16 piling rig.

The German-made pile driver with telescopic leader on base carrier will allow ASP to install up to 16 metre sheet piles and deliver larger CFA (continuous flight auger) piles.

The RTG-16 has a maximum mast height of 20.63 m, weighs 49.5 tonnes and produces 470 kW or 630 hp.

ASP Managing Director Patrick Buckley said the purchase reflects ASP’s confidence in the Australian construction market.

“It also allows us to keep up with growing demand for ASP services,” he said.

The versatile Bauer rig can adapt to a wide range of applications such as hydraulic vibrator, front of wall drilling, auger drilling, cutter soil mixing, sheet pile press, soil mixing wall system and single column mixing.