October Newsletter 2016

Boardwalk Burleigh Beach

Boardwalk Burleigh Beach is another project by the Morris Property Group to add to their porfolio of Gold Coast properties and is a 20 storey development.

Working with Mainland Civil, ASP Piling serviced the project with sheet and secant pile shoring, anchoring, while ADS undertook the site dewatering.

Displayed below is a video showing the excellent location of the development.

It also shows some of our fleet that worked on the project, including the Bauer 20S rig, Liebherr LB28 rig and the Soilmec SF65 rig.

Above picture depicts the site after the first excavation phase.

More International Works Space Fence

On the back of our recent works in Papua New Guinea, ASP Piling secured the contract for the Space Fence Project being carried out in the Marshall Islands.

Situated on a US Military base in the Kwajalein Atoll 2400 Nautical Miles from Brisbane, the remote location created a number of logistical challenges inlcuding the delivery of the piling rig, excavator and concrete pump along with the rest of our equipment.

The fabrication of the reinforcing cages took place on the island, along with the formand- pour pad foundations and the installation of founding piles to support the Space Fence.

Successful planning and implementation of works in such remote and foreign locations has added to our experience and knowledge base to ensure all ASP Piling’s customers receive the highest level of skills, service and experience on their project.

ASP’s Crane Rebuilt

Our most recent machinery upgrade has seen our 1982 Grove RT522 Rough Terrain Crane rebuilt in ASP’s workshop.

ASP’s workshop team together with the highly qualified engineers at Walsh’s Engineering Solutions ensured all upgrades were to the highest standards.

A complete rebuild and strengthening of the boom, the bodywork and engine rebuild, along with the preparing and repainting at ASP’s workshop has resulted in the crane looking and operating like new.

Our resident crane operator Colin Maslen (right), with a lifetime of experience operating cranes is very happy to be using the completely refurbished Grove. Thanks Col.

ASP Complete Shoring At Festival Place

Cavcorp’s new residential development in the Gasworks Precinct in Newstead, Brisbane is starting to take shape. This multi-storey development being built by Torre Developments will contain a mixture of retail and residential tenancies.

Our experience, commitment to quality and demonstrated ability to overcome all manner of challenges has ensured the quality of the shoring on this project.

ASP Piling used a combination of 100 lineal metres of sheet piles and 169 lineal metres of secant piles for the ground retention, ensuring that there was seamless flow between the different forms. We also installed 129 CFA foundation piles.

Give the ASP Piling team a call today for more information about our piling capabilities or visit our services page.

June Newsletter 2016


ASP Piling director Patrick Buckley, attended the Wanda Ridong & Brookfield Multiplex official construction signing ceremony for Jewel this month. ASP Piling with Mainland Civil recently delivered an early works package for the Chinese multinational, on time, on budget and with zero injuries. ASP Piling serviced the project with sheet & continuous flight auger (CFA) Pile shoring, anchoring, foundation piling and dewatering. Australian Dewatering Systems will remain on the $1billion project for a further 10 months. The 3 tower megastructure will be an architectural icon on the Gold Coast’s foreshore and ASP Piling are proud to be a part of its construction.


The SF-65 drilling rig is the evolution of the already existing equipment dedicated to CFA drilling technique.

This advanced piece of plant equipment contains the latest monitoring capabilities including a 12 inch touch screen for monitoring and control of the rig’s performance and operating parameters.

ASP Piling is very excited to now offer the latest and greatest Piling technology to our clients.


The SF 65 has been hard at work these past couple of months. The video below shows just two of the many sites it has visited.

The first site demonstrates ASP Piling’s Soilmec SF-65 ability to be lifted into excavations at minimal cost, taking large piling ramps out of the equation.

The second site tracks ASP Piling’s Soilmec SF-65 CFA Piling activities over 3 weeks with its counterpart the ASP SR-40 rig on Kyronn’s Southport construction site building the foundations for Allegra.

It’s excellent build quality and purpose made rig design delivers superior production in our specialised field.

This is Australia’s first SF-65 CFA piling rig and we are very happy to be associated with the Soilmec product range.

Give the ASP Piling team a call today for more information about the SF-65.


The work ASP perform in PNG is the same as the work we do in Australia – piles, walls, sheets, anchoring etc. The difference is the weather, and more importantly, the culture we are working within.

It is worth remembering that PNG is located in the tropics, and has only 2 real seasons – wet and dry.

We’re currently working through the Wet Season in Lae. The “Wet” is a very different beast to what would be experienced in Queensland.

For example, last year Qld’s average rainfall for the year was 487mm. The annual rainfall in Lae for the same time frame was 4432 mm – that’s nearly 4.5 metres of water.

From a Cultural point of view, PNG Projects are unique. The standards relating to virtually everything we encounter are different and we need to adjust to cater for this. A good example is timing – when you are chasing supply of a product (eg concrete) and are told “…5 mins till delivery,” what that really means is “maybe an hour.”

There are a variety of other cultural differences that our crew need to wade through each day, however, at all times we aim to maintain the same standard of safety in PNG as we would in Australia.

Our crew have being doing a fantastic job in trying conditions and they should be as proud of their efforts as we are of them.

January Newsletter 2016


The arrival of 3 new major plant items in early January 2016 will offer our clients a more competitive edge with quality, production and cost effectiveness. A Bauer RTG 20S Sheet Piling / Piling Rig, Soilmec SF-65 CFA Foundation Piling Rig & Klemm KP802-3 Anchoring Rig now call ASP home.

The 3 machines are each unique in the delivery of certain aspects of piling & anchoring and add to the options and capabilities of our current fleet and to the market place.

Contact us today for benefits we can offer you with this new equipment.


Teamed up with Mainland Civil QLD Pty Ltd ASP delivered an early works package to the Wanda Corporation that met project program and clients expectations.

The Project boasts everything about ASP – PILING, ANCHORING DEWATERING with 350 Tonnes of sheet piling, 1000 ground anchors, 380 deep CFA Piles up to 30 meters in length and a dewatering system to deliver a workable environment for the client up to 14 meters below ground level helping excavate 130,000m3 of sand from the site.

The Wanda Corporation and Principal Mainland Civil were a pleasure to work with on this landmark Gold Coast project.


The ASP Foundation Piling Company, has won a prestigious contract in Lae, Papua New Guinea. The project is called the Central Distribution Facility and the final facility will provide a storage capacity for the Bank of PNG in the north of the country.

With the dangers and limitations of road and air travel in PNG the creation of secure regional facilities for the storage of cash and other valuables is vital for the expanding country. Two more facilities are planned in the near future and ASP is keen for the trifecta!

Our part of the project is the construction of a secant pile wall to the 270 metre perimeter. The excavation is 6 metres deep.

ASP is contracting to a local company – L&A Constructions. L&A are contracting to the head client – The Bank of PNG.

ASP has formed a strategic alliance with L&A for this project and hopefully for more PNG contracts. The project calls for our new SR40 Soilmec Rig to be temporarily transported to the country. Later in the project our PSM8 Soilmec drill rig will also be transported to install ground anchors for the wall support. 6 ASP employees are expected to be sent to provide specialist knowledge and management for the project.

PNG is a young vital country with an abundance of natural riches however the challenging geography of the country has restrained its growth. As modern communication and transport services are introduced, the country is sure to grow rapidly. ASP is taking this opportunity to be involved with the growth surge by exercising our specific foundation and geotechnical skills.