Project Description

ASP Piling provided a design and construct service contributing a variety of expertise for Stokes Wheeler on the Brooklyn on Varsity project including foundation piling, external shoring, dewatering discharge and environmental management.

The foundation piling consisted of contiguous flight auger (CFA) piles with reinforced steel cages and concrete testing completed to ensure structural integrity. Pile diameters ranged from 450mm to 750mm. The Soilmec SF65 rig and associated drilling augers were used with mini excavator, grout tank and power pack, EWP, compressor and other miscellaneous tools and materials. Pile capping was completed by ASP Piling on this site along with additional crane base piles.

Sheet piling was utilised for shoring the site with anchoring assuring lateral support while the sheets are under load. Using our patented interlocking sheet piles the depth of excavation varied and subsequently different length sheet piles were used between 7 and 8.5 metres. The anchors were supplied, installed and stressed to the required load capacity. Our anchoring rig and stressing equipment were used on the site with additional anchors installed for anchor load testing to be undertaken. Additional bracing was used where anchoring was not a viable option due to adjacent existing buildings.

Australian dewatering systems remediated the site water and discharged off-site once environmental standards were met. A spear system was employed for Brooklyn on Varsity around the external sheet piling wall to minimize space used on site for the system. A pH filtration system and sediment tank were required for compliant discharge water. To ensure effective treatment a dewatering management plan was used including weekly environmental monitoring to ensure all discharged water was compliant with current environmental requirements. A generator was provided for a short period of time to power the pumps prior to electricity being installed onsite. ADS’s use of the Navman system ensures any changes to the output water’s pH levels notify our staff for effective management of water discharge.

Project Details