Jupiter’s Casino

ASP Piling and Australian Dewatering Systems


Australian Dewatering Systems was contracted to Mainland Civil for the lift core dewatering and spear point dewatering in stages. The spear-point systems were decommissioned and re-commissioned in different areas on the site based on client requirements as the build progressed and needs changed throughout the construction works. This included providing a generator and fuel cell for where there was no access to mains power. Over the period of dewatering there were a number of storms causing power outages, which our Navman systems notified staff of so we could respond immediately as needed. This includes implementing back-up power and restarting any pumps to mitigate ingress of groundwater onto the site. Australian Dewatering Systems also ensured there was compliance monitoring and management for discharge water that met and exceeded environmental requirements.

ASP Piling completed a small sheet piling design and construct to compliment the dewatering and client requirements for the lift core.


Products and Services: Dewatering, Sheet Piling
Client: Jupiters Casino
Location: Broadbeach, QLD
Year Completed: 2016
Project by Mainland Civil